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Tribulus terrestris extract combined with zinc, to support optimized testosterone levels – and optimum physical performance.

  • High-strength tribulus terrestris extract
  • Standardized to a 90% saponin content
  • Added zinc for testosterone support
  • Supports fertility and reproduction
  • 90 easy-swallow capsules

This powerful combination of tribulus terrestris and zinc citrate is formulated to support your natural testosterone levels, fertility and reproduction, protein synthesis, and immunity.

Packed with 1,500mg of saponin-rich tribulus and 100% NRV of elemental zinc in every daily serving, these vegan-friendly capsules give you superior results. 

Why Tribulus Terrestris?

Optimum performance

Specially formulated for male athletes, this potent combination of tribulus terrestris and zinc helps to support natural testosterone levels. Tribulus Terrestris gives athletes a safe and clean way to manage testosterone levels and achieve optimum physical performance.

Strength and resilience

Tribulus terrestris is a small, fruit-producing plant that grows in some of the harshest climates around the world. Considered a symbol of strength and resilience, it thrives in extremely dry conditions where few other plants would survive.

Health and wellbeing

Each 3-capsule serving is packed with 1,500mg of pure tribulus terrestris extract, which has been standardized for an impressive 90% saponin content, along with 100% NRV of elemental zinc.

Zinc is an essential mineral that is crucial for men’s health, wellbeing and performance. Not only does it support serum testosterone concentrations, but zinc also plays a key role in fertility and sexual health, protein synthesis, cognitive function, and bone health.

Immunity boost

Staying healthy and pushing yourself with intense exercise can be tough. We get it, and zinc has your back. With athletes at increased risk of colds and infections, zinc is an important mineral for maintaining immune function and protecting cells from oxidative damage, so you can keep working to smash your PB.

Tribulus Terrestris capsules can be taken once, twice, or three times a day, alongside a healthy, nutritious diet, to help support your physical, cognitive, and hormonal needs.


Per 1 capsule

Per 3 capsules

Tribulus Terrestris (90% Saponins)

500 mg

1500 mg


3.3 mg (33%*)

10 mg (100%*)


* NRV: % of nutrient reference values

Ingredients: Tribulus Terrestris extract (does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)), vegan capsule shell (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose), separating agent (dicalcium phosphate dihydrate, microcrystalline

Package: 90 capsules

1 capsule 1-3 times daily before meals with plenty of liquid.