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Shaker with patented stainless steel blender ball for the best mixing.

  • 500 ml

Why do you need the Shaker VPLab 500 ml?

Prefer to take your protein shakes on the go? Do you like them shaken rather than stirred? Tired of your protein powder clumping? Well, there's a solution to all these problems, and it's called the Shaker VPLab 500 ml.

This all-in-one beverage container and shaker are designed to give your shakes the smoothest mix possible. It's perfect for those times when you want to make a protein shake but don't happen to be near a blender (or just don't have time/don't feel like washing the blender). 

The shaker comes with a patented stainless steel blender ball that will mix all your powder smoothly into your water or milk. No more clumps, no more chalky taste. You can even add some yogurt or cottage cheese to make it thicker. 

Whether you're using protein powder, creatine, or another supplement, the blender ball will blend everything smoothly.

The container has a leak-proof lid with an easy-open top, so you can take your shake on the go. The 500 ml size easily fits in a backpack, a drawstring bag, or even a tote bag. It's the perfect portion size for an extra boost right before or after a workout.