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By Vplab

Vplab's PURE MCT OIL is an essential energy source for active individuals, offering a keto-friendly and highly bioavailable supplement that supports both body and brain. This unflavoured, odorless, and tasteless liquid is perfect for incorporating into shakes, coffee, tea, or food, making it a versatile addition to any healthy diet. 


  • Quick Energy Source: Provides fast, digestible energy for the body and brain. 
  • Supports Ketogenic Diet: Ideal for those following a keto diet for weight loss and muscle support. 
  • Promotes Weight Management: Aids in reducing stored fat and helps maintain satiety. 
  • Brain and Health Support: Enhances brain function, heart health, and immune system strength. 

Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil is efficiently absorbed and metabolized, offering a clean energy source without being stored as fat. It’s enriched with beta-carotene, providing antioxidant benefits without the risk of overdosing. Suitable for ketogenic, vegan, and vegetarian diets, PURE MCT OIL is an excellent supplement for anyone looking to boost their energy and overall health. 


  • Highly Bioavailable & Keto-Friendly: Easily absorbed for rapid energy. 
  • Versatile & Convenient: Odorless and tasteless, easy to mix with beverages and foods. 
  • Enriched with Beta-Carotene: Offers antioxidant benefits and supports vitamin A levels in the body. 


Per 100 ml 

Per serving* 


3498 kJ / 848 kcal 

523 kJ / 127 kcal 


94.3 g 

14.1 g 

- thereof saturated fatty acids 

94.3 g 

14.1 g 

- of which caprylic acid 

56.6 g 

8.5 g 

- of which capric acid 

37.7 g 

5.6 g 


< 0.1 g 

< 0.1 g 

- of which sugars 

< 0.1 g 

< 0.1 g 


< 0.1 g 

< 0.1 g 


< 0.01 g 

< 0.01 g 


28.47 mg 

4.27 mg 

*Serving Size: 15 ml 

Ingredients: Vegetable oil ((palm) medium chain triglyceride) 

Package: 500 ml / 33 servings 

Directions: Mix 15 ml in the protein shake or another beverage 1-2 times daily.